Kyoko eyes closed

About Kyoko Otonashi

For those who don't know it yet, Kyoko is one of the main characters of a manga by Rumiko Takahashi called «Maison Ikkoku». Based on this 15 volumes long manga, are a 96 episodes animated series, a full-length animated movie and even a live telefilm.

Saying that I adore that series is an understatement...

Warning, this site is completely biased toward Kyoko-san ! Takahashi-sensei knows how to give her characters, and especially Kyoko, a surprising psychological depth for fictitious characters. I fully admit being completely nuts about Kyoko ! So don't be surprised if there is Kyoko here, Kyoko there, Kyoko everywhere... ^_^

(And for the whiners, yes, I know she's only a two dimensional character who has no real existence and will never have...*sigh*)

Being witnesses of the evolution of her feelings, of her fears, of her heart's wavering, sharing her joys, her angers and her sorrows, we can only get attached to such human a character and I ended up feeling a deep empathy with what Rumiko Takahashi tried to express through her. Kyoko is very human and of a happy nature. Although she hasn't always been lucky in her life, she knew how to remain warm and caring.

Her only flaw, until near the end of the story, is to believe there's only one answer to life's challenges. But she will be able to change for finally being happy...