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Maison Ikkoku creditless openings and endings

All of this files are 640x80, 24 bits video, with 320Kbps MP3 stereo soundtrack. The thumbnails are half-size.

The source is the LD Movie box. I used a Digital Analog Converter (ADVC300) to capture them in DV, filtered them through avisynth and virtualdub, before compressing them with XviD (which took several hours). To retain a maximum quality, I didn't compress them much, so they are quite large (from 15Mb to 51Mb) considering their average duration is 1m30 ! But in this time of broadband, I think it's worth it ^_^.

Alone Again and Get Down deserve a special mention : in the LD Movie box, they are creditless, but also soundless ! (probably a rights problem for the songs of Gilbert O'Sullivan). So I had to capture the creditless video, capture the openings and ending of episode 24, then resynchronize the sound on the creditless capture with a video editing software. It was a bit time-consuming ^_^. One caveat though : as Maison Ikkoku is old, the sound was monophonic, so it had to be split on both channels to make a "fake" stereo during the capture. Thus the sound is not at its best on this ones v_v

However, you have here unique-in-the-world pieces of video : creditless "Alone Again" and "Get Down" with sound ! ^___^

To play this files, you need a player capable of playing XviD out of the box (like videolan) or to install the XviD codec in Windows. If you don't have it yet, go get it at Koepi

Anyway, enjoy and Maison Ikkoku forever !

Maison Ikkoku Openings
Kanashimi yo konnichiwa (51Mb)Kanashimi yo konnichiwa

Opening for episodes 1 to 37 (except 24)

Alone Again (22Mb)Alone Again

Opening for episode 24

Suki sa (44Mb)Suki sa

Opening for episodes 38 to 52

Sunny shiny morning (30Mb)Sunny Shiny Morning

Opening for episodes 53 to 73

Hidamari (30Mb)Hidamari

Opening for episodes 74 to 96

Maison Ikkoku Endings
Ashita Hareru ka
Ashita Hareru ka

Ending for episodes 1 to 14


Ending for episodes 15 to 33 (except 24)

Get down
Get down

Ending for episode 24


Ending for episodes 34 to 52

Sayonara no dessin
Sayonara no dessin

Ending for episodes 53 to 73

Begin the nighti
Begin the night

Ending for episodes 74 to 96